Before The Anaesthetic

The following guidelines have been established to best prepare you for your bariatric surgery:

  1. Please follow the admission time and fasting instructions given to you by the Practice Manager Jenny Lumsden.
  2. Have a LIGHT DIET ONLY the day before your surgery.
    From 8pm the night before surgery you will be on CLEAR FLUIDS ONLY such as water, clear broths and sports drinks (Powerade, Gatorade) until the advised time.
  3. Your last drink should be 300mL of sports drink (half a small bottle) at the advised time. This improves your recovery.
  4. If you are a smoker, stop at least two weeks before surgery to minimise the risk of complications.
  5. Do not consume alcohol within 24 hours of surgery.
  6. If you are on tablets for diabetes do not take them the morning of your surgery.
  7. If you are on insulin, please contact Dr Lumsden or your Diabetes specialist for advice.
  8. As a general rule you should stop Aspirin one week before surgery, especially if you are having a Sleeve Gastrectomy
  9. Anti-inflammatory medication must be stopped three days before surgery.
  10. Diuretics (fluid tablets) should not be taken on the morning of the surgery.
  11. Take all blood pressure medication as usual and bring into the hospital.
  12. If you take anti-reflux medication take it in the morning of surgery.
  13. Bring all your medication (including asthma puffers) with you to the hospital.
  14. If you think you have significant sleep apnoea you should discuss this with your GP with a view to having a sleep study and starting CPAP therapy before your operation.
  15. If you use a CPAP machine bring it in with you to the hospital.
  16. Stop all herbal medicines one week before your surgery.
  17. It is not necessary to take off acrylic nails, shellac or nail polish before surgery.
If you suffer from any health problems that may affect the anaesthetic please contact the practice as soon as possible.
If you have had gastric surgery previously please notify your surgeon and anaesthetist.

© 2017 Dr Greg Lumsden